Moxibustion is a therapy on the basis of heat radiation. Actually it has the effect of warm stimuli , which can cause local skin congestion and telangiectasis, enhance local blood and lymphatic circulation, inhibit neuronal excitability, have the effect of sedation and pain-relieving [2] and promote drug absorption.

     Redness, swelling, heat and pain, typical signs of inflammatory response are manifestations of blockage of qi and blood circulation. The features of inflammatory response due to functional disorder coincide with the pathology of disorder of qi movement and stagnation of channels and vessels [6]. The study found that the molecular mechanism of inflammatory response (esp. the chronic inflammatory response) is related to many diseases, so the inflammatory response is regarded as an important common pathway of many diseases. The anti-inflammation effect [7] of moxibustion is universal. It not only deals with inflammatory diseases, but also treats diseases via the anti-inflammation mechanism.

    Moxibustion has the near-infrared radiation function. Human body is an infrared radiation source as well as a good infrared absorber. The near-infrared radiation of moxibustion can provide necessary energy for human activities. Besides, the near-infrared radiation light quantum emitted through moxibustion can be regulated by human body.

    The near-infrared radiation can penetrate directly to the deeper parts of the body, reaching as deep as 10 mm. During the moxibustion treatment, the near-infrared radiation acting on acupoints can stimulate the hydrogen bonds of biological molecules within the body, causing the resonant absorption effect in the stimulation phase. On this basis, feedback regulation mechanism can help correct metabolic disorder, regulate the immune system and restore the normal function of human body.

      The theory of channels and collaterals is an important theoretic foundation for the study of TCM and moxibustion. Channels and collaterals are the pathways for the movement of visceral qi and blood circulation [8]. Acupoints are the place where the infusion and transfusion of visceral qi and blood occur. Therefore, the curative effect of moxibustion works via channels, collaterals and points.




    As mentioned above, the curative and healthcare function of moxibustion is activated by the inter-coordination of several aspects as the heat radiation effect on the channels, collaterals and acupoints stimulates the anti-inflammatory response and mobilizes the immunological function to work on every part of human body during the burning process of Artemisia   

     Effective moxibustion product must possess direct infrared radiation, good quality moxa cones and correct point selection. It is advised to drink a cup of medicinal tea that coincides with your own body constitution after moxibustion.

      Moreover, the effects of moxibustion on the inflammatory response have bidirectional adjustment. From the perspective of TCM, this adjustment is due to the stimuli to the points that promote the movement of channel qi, mobilize the function of channels and vessels, regulate qi and blood flow, harmonize yin and yang, and strengthen the healthy qi to defend pathogenic evils. Meanwhile, the anti-inflammatory response of moxibustion also provides reliable basis for the theory of “moxibustion can be used for heat pattern”.