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Characteristics and symptoms:
Constipation can be seen in people of all ages. Females are more commonly seen than males, and the elderly are more than young adults. Constipation often have manifestations of low defecation desire and defecation frequency, excessive time and effort to pass a bowel movement, unsmooth bowel movement, hard and dry stools, the sensation of incomplete bowel evacuation, and abdominal pain or discomfort.


Acupoint selection: ST-25 (Tianshu), TB-6 (Zhigou), ST-37 (Shangjuxu), SP-14 (Fujie)



Course of treatment: 15 to 20 min per acupoint till the presence of flushed skin, one treatment a day.



Advice: Take a balanced diet every day. Eat more food rich in fluid and fiber. The daily intake of water should be above 2000 c.c. (except for people with heart diseases, kidney disease and others). Take regular exercise.

治療コース:ツボ毎に、ツボの皮膚表面に赤みが出るまで、毎回 10 ~ 15 分お灸をすえる。毎日 1 回。

注意事項:毎日に食事のバランスをとる。水分及び沢山の食繊維が含まれる食べ物を多く食べる。毎日の水の摂取量は約2000cc 以上がベスト(但し、心臓病、腎臓病などを除く )。運動を適度に行う。

ST-25 (Tianshu):
on the abdomen, level with the center of the umbilicus, 2 cun lateral to the anterior midline.

TB-6 (Zhigou):
3 cun proximal to the dorsal wrist crease, in a depression between the radius and the ulna.

ST-37 (Shangjuxu):
6 cun distal to ST-35 (Dubi), 3 cun distal to ST-36 (Zusanli).

SP-14 (Fujie):
1.3 cun inferior to the center of the umbilicus, and 4 cun lateral to the anterior midline.


支溝穴: 前腕裏側、手首の裏の横紋の上方3寸。



※If moxibustion box shall be used to treat diseases, please follow doctors’ prescription.