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Characteristics and symptoms:
Headache is the symptom of pain anywhere in the region of the upper half of the skull, that is, above the line connecting the eyebrows, the upper margin of the helix and the external occipital protuberance. The pain may be mild, moderate or severe. The duration of pain may be long or short.

The pain has different forms, like distending pain, oppressive pain, tearing pain, electric shock-like pain, and pricking-like pain. Most will be accompanied by throbbing tightness, nausea, vomiting, and dizziness, etc. The secondary headaches also have other systemic symptoms and body signs, such as infectious diseases with fever, vascular diseases with hemiplegia, aphasia and other neurological deficit symptoms.

Different degrees of headache may have different hazards. In severe cases, patients may lose their ability to live and work because of headache.

Acupoint selection: Ex-HN-5 (Taiyang), Du-20 (Baihui), LU-7 (Lieque), Du-14 (Dazhui)




Course of treatment: 15 to 20 min per acupoint, once a day.


Advice: Reduce all the possible causes that can trigger headaches.
1. Avoid the soft tissue injury and infection of the head and neck.
2. Avoid the intake of irritating food.
3. Avoid mood fluctuations.


1 .例えば、頭、頚部の軟組織の損傷や感染を予防する
2 .刺激物を摂取しない
3 .感情の変化をコントロールする

Ex-HN-5 (Taiyang):
On the temple, in a depression approximately 1 cun lateral to the midpoint of a line connecting the lateral extremity of the eyebrow and the outer canthus of the eye.


Du-20 (Baihui):
At the junction of a line connecting the apices of the ears and the midline, 7 cun from the posterior hairline.

百会穴: 後髪の生え際の正中上方7寸、耳尖(ツボ名)の真上、頭頂の真ん中の所。

LU-7 (Lieque):
on the radial aspect of the forearm, directly above the styloid process of the radius, approximately 1.5 cun proximal to the wrist crease.

列缺穴: 前腕の橈骨側の縁、橈骨茎状突起の上方、手首横紋の上方1寸5分にある。

Du-14 (Dazhui):
On the midline, below the spinous process of the 7th cervical vertebra (C7).

大椎穴: 首筋に最も出張る骨(第7頸椎)の下の隙間の所に位置する。

※If moxibustion box shall be used to treat diseases, please follow doctors’ prescription.