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Frozen shoulder



Characteristics and symptoms:
Frozen shoulder is a chronic specific inflammation of the shoulder capsule, surrounding ligaments, tendons and bursa,
characterized by shoulder pain which develops gradually and becomes worse at night, as well as restricted motion of shoulder joint, which gets severe day by day, then starts to alleviate when reaching a certain degree and finally gets a full restoration.
At first, the shoulder pain is intermittent. Most has a chronic onset. Gradually, the shoulder pain gets severe, either dull pain or cutting pain, which is usually persistent.


Acupoint selection: Ashi (Ouch) Points, GB-21 (Jianjing), BL-43 (Gaohuang), TB-14 (Jianliao), LI-15 (Jianyu), SI-11 (Tianzong)



Course of treatment: 30 min per acupoint, one treatment a day.




Advice: Avoid cold affecting your shoulder. Take proper shoulder exercise.


 Ashi (Ouch) Points 

According to the classification of acupoints, Ashi points are also named as Buding (no-fixed-location) points, Tianying (heavenecho) points and tender points. These points without specific name and fixed location are often located by the painful spots, mostly around the lesion, and sometimes away from the lesion.
Tender points can be used as acupoints. In the clinical practice, doctor selects ashi points based on patient’s sensation of
sournes, numbness, distension and heaviness and the change of skin color when pressing the patient.





GB-21 (Jianjing):
at the midpoint of a line connecting Du-14 (Dazhui) and the lateral extremity of the acromion, opposite to ST-17 (Ruzhong) in the anterior.


BL-43 (Gaohuang):
3 cun lateral to the posterior midline, on the level of the lower border of the spinous process of the 4th thoracic vertebra (T4)


TB-14 (Jianliao):
posterior to LI-15 (Jianyu), with the arm abducted, in the posterior of the two depressions on the shoulder joint.

肩髎穴: 肩髃の後、上肢を外転させる時の、肩峰の後下に窪みのできる所。

LI-15 (Jianyu):
in the depression distal and anterior to the acromion, between the humerus ndules and acromial portions of the deltoid muscle.


SI-11 (Tianzong):
on the scapula, in a depression on the infraspinatus muscle, one third of the distance from the midpoint of the scapular spine and the inferior angle of the scapula.

天宗穴:肩甲棘の中点と肩甲骨の下の角を繋ぐラインの1 / 3と2 / 3の接点にある窪みの中央。

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