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Characteristics and symptoms:
Vaginitis is a collective term for several inflammation diseases of the vagina, which occurs without age limitation and is easy to recur. Common vaginitis includes trichomonas vaginitis, vulvovaginal candidiasis, bacterial vaginosis, aerobic bacterial vaginitis, atrophic vaginitis, and infantile vaginitis, etc. The change in color, odor or amount of discharge and vaginal itching, irritation or scorching pain are main clinical symptoms in the clinic. Other symptoms can include pain during intercourse, painful urination, and urgent urination, etc.

Acupoint selection: Acupoint selection: Ren-4 (Guanyuan), Du-14 (Dazhui), SP-6 (Sanyinjiao), Du-4 (Mingmen), BL-23 (Shenshu), ST-36 (Zusanli), Ren-8 (Shenque) (moxibustion on ginger)


Course of treatment: Continuous moxibustion for thress days and then moxibustion every 3 days, 10 to 15 min per treatment per acupoint, 20 times for a course..

選穴:関元、大椎、三陰交、命門、腎兪、足三里、神闕 ( 生姜スライスを隔てて灸治する )

治療コース:三日連続すえた後、三日おきに灸治する。ツボ毎に、毎回 10 ~15 分お灸をすえる。1 コースに 20 回施術する。

Advice: Avoid eating seafood and cold/icy food. Do not sit for a long time and over wash. Wash your underwear by hand.


Ren-4 (Guanyuan):
On the anterior midline, 3 cun inferior to the umbilicus.

Du-14 (Dazhui):
On the midline, below the spinous process of the 7th cervical vertebra (C7).

SP-6 (Sanyinjiao):
3 cun proximal to the highest prominence of the medial malleolus, on the posterior border of the medial crest of the tibia.

Du-4 (Mingmen):
On the posterior midline, between the spinous process of the 2nd and 3rd lumbar vertebrae.

関元穴: ヘソ下3寸に位置する。

大椎穴: 首筋に最も出張る骨(第7頸椎)の下の隙間の所に位置する。

三陰交: 小腿の内踝先端の上方3寸、脛骨の後内縁にある。

命門穴: 第2、3腰椎棘突起の間に位置する。

BL-23 (Shenshu):
1.5 cun lateral to the posterior midline, on the level of the lower border of the spinous process of the 2nd lumbar vertebra (L2).

ST-36 (Zusanli):
3 cun distal to ST-35 (Dubi, lateral eye of the knee) and 1 finger-breadth lateral to the anterior crest of the tibia, on the line of ST-35
(Dubi) and ST-41 (Jiexi).

Ren-8 (Shenque):
in the center of the umbilicus.

腎兪穴: 第2腰椎棘突起の外方1寸5分にある。

足三里: 小腿の外側、犢鼻の下方3寸、犢鼻と解渓の直結線上にある。

神闕穴: ヘソの中央にある。

※If moxibustion box shall be used to treat diseases, please follow doctors’ prescription.